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Incorporated on 1st November 1996, Sabah Net Sdn Bhd (Sabah Net) is a leading information communication technology (ICT) company. It is a wholly state-owned entity that comes under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

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Bridging the digital gap through connectivity


The safety of valuable data is ensured with utmost priority


We focus on strengthening customer-centricity


Adding business value through endless innovation

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20+ Years of Industrial Experience. We are continuously improving our solutions, services, and key talents to strive for excellence in todays' dynamic competitive globalized marketplace.

Why Us
  • Intelligent travel solutions offered by SABAH NET include tourist virtual assistant solutions that provide assistance, guide, and plan for the tourist to suit their preferences. 

  • At SABAH NET, we offer end-to-end farm management systems which include monitoring of climate conditions, crop monitoring, smart irrigation, autonomous harvesting, real time livestock monitoring, and many more. 

  • SABAH NET offers e-governance solutions through software solutions that include monitoring, data centres, and security adherence to global privacy and data protection regulations.