To become a leader in providing competent, responsive ICT solutions and services that conform to industry best practices while proactively driving continuous improvement to enhance clients' business competency.


Committed to delivering ICT technologies for optimal solutions and services to enable our clients to enhance competitiveness and achieve their business goals. We strive to build successful long term client relationship to attain stable growth.

Quality Policy

  • Continual improvement of our solutions and services is our focus.
  • Optimal and reliable solutions and services is our assurance in fulfilling our clients' expectations.
  • Complying to the relevant regulatory requirements and the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 is our promise.
  • Employees' commitment and professional competence is our obligation to reinforce clients' satisfaction and quality assurance.
  • SABAH NET and its Subsidiary Company

    In its efforts to continuously adapt to the ever-changing needs of the marketplace, Digital Heritage Sdn. Bhd. (DH) was established in 2003 as SABAH NET's subsidiary company to concentrate primarily on web and multimedia application, design and development.